Great graphic design can help you get you noticed with an identity
that looks smart, reflects your values and resonates.

Packaging Is Everything.

The right graphic design will grab your market’s attention and influence their behavior.

A strong value proposition, concise messaging and frequent outreach are all essential. But, no package is complete without first-rate graphic design that engages your audience and distinguishes you from the crowd. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing them before you get them.

Step2 Branding & Design can take a basic need or rough concept and turn it into something that is pleasing to the eye while successfully communicating a message and driving your audience to act.

Logos and Corporate Identity. Web Design, Annual Reports and Brochures. Advertising and Direct Mail. Packaging and Product Design. Our team can bring strategy and creativity to your communications.

Project the right image with graphic and web design that exemplifies your brand.

Graphic design for both print and digital requires distinct disciplines. Whatever the task, a creative strategy is vital to its success.

What Our Graphic Design Clients Are Saying:

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with many of the top agencies around the world. Sometimes you find that what you really need is right in your back yard. The Step2 team not only delivers top-notch creative work like the “big boys” (or girls) do, they do it without the excesses that sometimes come from larger firms. They’re also not afraid to challenge their clients when they think it’s needed. I find that particularly refreshing and vital to a productive relationship.


Former Director of Design, DelMonte and GlaxoSmithKline Corp.

Scott & Christie and Associates has worked with Karen for more than a decade. We love the work she does for us; it’s always fresh, professional and makes each of our businesses look great. She has also been a true asset helping us communicate the spirit of our nonprofit work. No matter what project we give them, including logos, publication design, ads and educational materials, the Step2 team has responded with work we’re proud to put our name on.


CFO, Scott & Christie and Associates

The Step2 team has been working with Ainsworth Product Innovations since 2011. They consistently deliver the goods with high-quality package designs, whether original or expanding upon our existing brand lines, copy development and sales support. Much of the work we do is conceptual and gets presented to some of the world’s largest retail buyers. Step2 Branding & Design has been able to capture our vision and equip us with great designs for these important presentations.


Director of Innovation, Insights and Packaging Development, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

You can see Ron’s creative mind whirling as you describe the concept you want him to consider. He understands quickly, thinks strategically about communication solutions, asks the really important questions, then produces an impressive result and stays flexible and open to change.


President, SkaareWorks

Ron played an integral part in building our company and product brands for more than ten years. He is an invaluable partner, aiding in photographic art direction, layout, design and even point-of-contact with finished print work. Whether developing print ads, electronic media or product logos, Ron worked with us to achieve the results we needed to move our brands into the marketplace.


Director of Operations, IRIS Technologies


“Ten Things to Consider when Hiring a Graphic Designer”

What are the criteria for choosing a graphic designer who suits your needs? We’re here to help you sort it out with this free paper.

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“Ten Things to Consider when Hiring a Graphic Designer”

What are the criteria for choosing a graphic designer who suits your needs? We’re here to help you sort it out with this free paper. Download one doc and gain access to all of them.

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