Curtain Wall CNC Fabrication

Curtain Wall CNC Machining for Aluminum Extrusions

1000 Series Curtain Wall CNC Fabrication Machine with One Tilting Z-Head and 15″ X 36′ Work Envelope

The only Curtain Wall CNC machine for aluminum extrusions with vertical and horizontal clamp-down fixturing.

In 1999, CNT built the first of several machines designed to drill and mill long aluminum extrusions for pre-engineered commercial building exterior wall coverings, known as curtain walls. (This operation was previously being performed by individuals with drills and tape measures. The milling was done separately on a manual Bridgeport, requiring frequent indexing of the part.) Today, we’re offering a single-step, automated curtain wall CNC fabrication solution with a standard work envelope that’s even larger, a pivoting head, automatic tool changer and alcohol/oil coolant system.


This is also a perfect solution for machining aluminum extrusions for door and window frames.

Check out the 24-foot, two-panel processing machine we built for the ACM/Alucobond industry.

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• NEMA 12 Control Cabinet with 1000 BTU Cabinet Cooler
• Perimeter Cable E-Stop with I/O for Customer Safety Equipment
• Computer Control Spindle On/Off/Speed Changes
• Automatic Tool Length Measure Switch
• Pressurized and Lubricated 25mm Bearing and Ball Screw System
• C-Axis for Head Rotation ±90 Degrees for Machining Sides of Parts
• One 12HP HSD ISO30 Four-pole 230V Tool Changer
• 15-station Tool Turret and Eight ISO30 Tool Holders
• Drum Thief SMC Alcohol Misting System
• 12 Vises with Auto Place Setting Down Length of Table with Vertical and Horizontal Clamps for Part Holding
• Four Pop-up Part Location Pins
• Four Days of Installation and Training
• Bar Code Reader with G-Code File Association Software

*CNT can manufacture automated clamping and hold-down fixtures, or the customer can provide their own.


Repeatability 0.001″
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.002″
Cutting Envelope of Machine 15″ Wide X 36′ Long**
Work Envelope of Clamps 1″ to 15″ Wide Clamp Range**
Z-axis Travel and Clearance 18″ **
Rapid Traverse X & Y 2000 IPM
Rapid Traverse Z 500 IPM
Drive Motor Servo
X-axis Drive Helical Rack-and-pinion
Y- and Z-axes Drives Ball Screw
Controller WinCNC PC-based Controller
Warranty 1 Year
Weight Approx. 10000 Lbs.

**Standard specs. Optional dimensions available. Call for details and pricing.


CNT-1000 Extrusion Series CNC Machine with One Tilting Z-head 4′ X 12′ Work Envelope

A single-step automated solution designed to drill and mill aluminum extrusions for a variety of applications, including door & window frames, aircraft components, lighting enclosures and wall systems.

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