Reach your audience
with the right voice and a
message that moves them.


Promote yourself in a way that excites, inspires, and motivates.

You only have a few seconds to get your message across. It needs to be authentic, meaningful, and creative.

There’s no more, “All about us” in today’s advertising and promotions. Effective messaging is relational and authentic. It puts the audience first and focuses on the “why”s instead of the “what”s.

How you engage prospects today is more like a handshake than taking a bow. You must meet them on their level and speak to them in their language. Eye-to-eye. Sometimes heart-to-heart.

Step2 Branding and Design can help you connect with your audience with a message that is meaningful to them and promotes your expertise. Our team can develop advertising, promotions, and collateral that catches their attention and communicates your value. And we can write your new website or breathe new life into your current one.

Everybody deserves to know who you are and why you matter. We’ll help you reach them with your true voice and meaningful message.

7 Stages of Successful Brand Building

This free document addresses building brand equity, how to sustain it for the long haul, and what makes a brand work.


“They took the time to research our industry to absorb the nuances of our business. We were impressed with their ability to comprehend our company’s key competitive advantages and craft them into compelling story. They correctly guided our conversations to bring focus to what distinguishes our business.”

− Tim Tetrick & Sharyl Relic, Executive Recruiters
O’Connor O’Connor Lordi

“… he was coaching the coach on what my business really was, who my perfect client is, and what my Unique Selling Position is. Ron is not only creative when it comes to developing your marketing, he is brilliant in getting you to sharpen your message, understand what your real business is, and what you need to do to reach your perfect customer.”

− Greg Emslie, Certified Business Coach
FocalPoint Business Coaching

“I felt like I was working with both a consultant and a partner – experienced, reliable, diligent, and talented. By distilling and articulating my vision, Step2 put me in a position to promote my company to serious stakeholders, and, thus far, I have had measurable success in this regard.”

− Mikhail Pappas, Esq., Managing Member
Legal Means

“I turned to Step2 Branding and Design for what I thought would be help on the design side, but (they) offered so much more. (They) guided me through every step of the branding process, continually stretching my thinking until I was able to zero in on the message I wanted to convey.”

− Kathy Serenko, Founder
Your Selling Point

Website copywriting samples

Foundation of HOPE Website screen


Headlines, CTAs, collaboration & editing of client-provided copy. Visit the Foundation of HOPE Website.

Big Sewickley Creek Brewery Website


All copywriting with client-provided direction and back-stories. Visit the Big Sewickley Creek Brewery Website.

Bridging Health Clinic website screen


Headlines, CTAs, copywriting, and editing of client service descriptions. Visit the Bridging Health Clinic website.

CNT Motion Systems website screen


All messaging, Visit the CNT Motion Systems website.

BrightWorks Website Screen


All copywriting, including Brand Promise and video script. Visit the BrightWorks Products Website.

Cole's Fish Tanks website screen


All messaging. Visit the Cole’s Fish Tanks Website.

O'Connor O'Connor Lordi Website Screen


All copywriting. Visit the O’Connor O’Connor Lordi website.

KSC Cleaning Website Screen


Messaging and website refresh. Visit KSC Commercial Cleaning’s website.

You’re great at what you do! Let’s tell it to the rest of the world!

We’ll give you a message that positions you as the go-to source for what you do best.

Potential customer pointing at themselves in front of a w all reading, "Me" repeatedly.

I’m Your Potential Customer and These are the Things I Care About.

You seem to be great at what you do. You have a terrific product. Your media coverage has been impressive. You’ve been serving the industry for decades. But what does it mean to your customers? What’s in it for me?

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