Never Lose Sight of How You do Things Differently and Why It Matters.

Never Lose Sight of How You do Things Differently and Why It Matters.

Reinforce It with a Brand that Makes Your Mark, Graphic Design that Gets You Noticed and a Message that Drives Your Audience to Act.

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Brand It to Be Its Best.

Data shows that customers will pay a premium for a great brand and remain loyal to it. What makes your business great?

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Make Your Mark.

Make your mark with a logo and identity that reflects who you are, what you do and why you do it better than the others.

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Get Noticed.

Take your best shot with a website, printed materials and displays that grab their attention and influence their behavior.

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Drive Them.

Connect with the right audience with the right message and position yourself as the “go-to” source for what you do best.


Download one document and gain access to all three.

7 Stages of Branding Document

“7 Stages of Successful Brand Building”

This document addresses building brand equity, how to sustain it for the long haul and what makes a brand work.

Hire a Graphic Designer Doc

“Ten Things to Consider when Hiring a Graphic Designer”

What are the criteria for choosing a graphic designer who suits your needs? We’re here to help you sort it out with this free paper.

Start-up Marketing Doc

“Branding and Marketing Your Start-up”

Make sure your great idea is presented just right. We’re offering these considerations to help you take your best shot at a successful launch.


The bankruptcy courts are full of great ideas that were undermined by insufficient branding and promotions. We can help you get your branding right out of the gate. That means having the right name, tagline, logo, website, messaging and more.


Let’s Show It to the Rest of the World!



Statistics confirm that higher-quality brands gain greater market share and profitability than their inferior competition. Step2 Branding & Design can help you name your business or product and develop a tagline and positioning statements that connect with your audience and make them willing to pay a premium for what you offer. And, we can pull it all together with a website that brings consistency and relevance to your business and positions your brand for the long haul.

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Logo Design

A great logo design is more than something that’s pleasing to the eye. It symbolizes the establishment’s personality and character. Its goods or services. Its purpose. A great logo is also uncomplicated, flexible and stays fresh. Step2 Branding & Design can create a logo that distinguishes your business from your competition and appeals to your target audience without getting in the way.

Graphic Design

A strong value proposition, concise messaging and frequent outreach are all essential. But, no package is complete without a first-rate creative presentation that engages your audience and separates you from the crowd. Websites and Corporate Identity. Annual Reports and Brochures. Packaging and Product Design. Print or Electronic. Step2 Branding & Design can bring strategy and creativity to your communications.

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Web Design

Your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s the first place most people will go to learn about you. Step2 Branding & Design can do more than just build you a new website. We can help you use it to showcase what makes you great through an experience that connects with your audience, informs them and positions you as the expert. If you’ve taken a long time to build a first-rate reputation, don’t let a second-rate website undo it.

Advertising & Promotions

Step2 Branding & Design strikes the right balance between form and function to bring awareness to your company, products or services by promoting their value through inviting, engaging and memorable communications. Advertising, Point-of-Purchase, Direct Mail, E-mail Promotions and more. And always just the right mix.

Advertising and Promotions

Recent Work

Recent branding, graphic design and advertising projects we’ve done for businesses just like yours. Keep checking back for additions.


Start-ups Need to Get Branding Right out of the Gate.


Let’s share your story and the great work you’re doing. We can help you communicate your mission, why it matters and why it’s worth their support. Charities and nonprofits get special discounts.

Step2 Branding & Design has done it for B2B and B2C, high- and low-tech, start-ups, charities and foundations. And we can do it for you.

Maybe, You’ll Be the Next One!
Not Sure Where to Begin? Sign Up for a Free Graphic Design Audit.

If there’s any concern about how your business stacks up or how to put your best face forward, sign up for our free graphic design audit. We’ll take a look at what you’re currently doing and compare it to your competitors. Then, we’ll drop you a line and set up some time to talk, which is something we love to do.

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