Make your mark with
a logo design that
distinguishes your brand.


A professional logo design
leaves a great first impression.

Your logo design lays the foundation of your brand’s identity.

A great logo design is more than something that’s pleasing to the eye. An effective logo connects emotionally with the target audience and leaves a lasting impression that’s easily recognizable. It’s also uncomplicated, flexible, and stays fresh.

From the logo design, we derive the corporate graphic standards, color palette, stationery designs, presentation formats, style sheets, and more. And, with simple usage guidelines, we can help prevent the identity from becoming diluted by misuse.

Our logo process is simple, yet thorough, and designed to keep the client engaged so they never lose ownership. It’s also the only service we offer as a package. (See below)

We love designing logos and want to help you make your mark with a memorable one.

Is this your
start-up year?

We’re looking for entrepreneurs with that next great idea, so we can help them brand it right from the start.


“… They listened to what I said and explored ideas with me, and very quickly created many options for our logo that were fantastic and even better than we would’ve hoped for. We were able to get a logo that we loved! …”

− Rod Hojat, Happy Cat Farms

“… I was so excited at the work that was done. It was very clear that my information had been valued, and they were able to create a logo that was beyond my expectations. In addition to that, their advice and expertise in the branding process took the job out of my hands altogether, freeing me to work on other aspects of rolling out my new image …”

− Rebecca L. Matthews, Christian Author

“… Working with Step2 Branding and Design on a refresh of our brand has been a great experience. I love the new logo. The look and feel is exactly right and Ron has been extremely responsive during the nearly two years we’ve worked together on various projects …”

− Sarah Palya, Owner/Founder, Gus Gear

“I was looking to re-design an older logo for my consultancy and selected Step2 Branding and Design to capture the collaborative nature of my business in life sciences. Ron immediately understood my audience and client base, and designed an enduring logo and companion graphics …”

− Alethea Wieland, President & Founder
Clinical Research Strategies

“We got together and discussed my strengths, competitors and aspirations. After a thorough process of exploration, my business now has a new name, tagline, logo/identity, messaging and web site. My brand has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier! Everything was right on the mark! …”

− Tony Rozic, President, TRU Craftsmanship

“On behalf of David’s House Ministries, we are very satisfied with the logo and stationery design. Step2 is easy to communicate with and very creative. If you want creative, out-of-the-box thinking, I would highly recommend Step2 for your branding needs.”

− Cecilia Crawford, Board Member
David’s House Ministries

A great logo design will make you stand out and look like you belong.

Together, we can get you the perfect logo to make your mark.

Logo Design and Identity Package

Your logo can be very personal and needs to be just right.

We’ve created our Logo Design and Identity Package to be both comprehensive and affordable.

Every design is 100% original and tailored to your specific needs. No matter how many design rounds it takes, the fee will remain the same. No surprises.

If you’re in early stage/start-up phase or operating a non-profit, contact us for discounted rates. It’s one of our ways of giving back.

Logo Design and Identity Package Samples



We want to understand your Brand Promise. Who is your audience and what should they think of when they hear your name? What is your business’ personality? Who are your competitors? What makes you different? You’ll get an opportunity to share logos you admire and what styles you like.


We begin with 3-5 initial design concepts. The logo design stage will continue until the logo is “just right.” Sometimes, we nail it in the first design round. But it usually takes more. There’s no “take it or leave it.” All designs are 100% original.


We’ll do additional refinements and color explorations, if needed. The final logo will be developed in full-color, limited-color (if applicable), solid black (or grayscale), and reverse (for dark backgrounds).


A full color palette will be provided in four industry-standard formulas:

  • CMYK: For four-color process printing
  • Pantone (PMS): For limited-color printing
  • RGB and HEX: For digital and online use


Once the final logo design and color palette are complete, we’ll create designs for letterhead (print and digital), business cards (for up to four people), envelopes (any sizes needed), mailing labels, etc. A slide template will also be developed, if requested.

PLEASE NOTE: The Brand Identity Package includes stationery designs and final “print-ready” art ONLY and excludes printing fees. We’re happy to help coordinate your printing, if needed.


Art files of all logos and stationery will be the final deliverables.

  • Final logo files will be provided in multiple formats for digital (JPG and PNG) and print (EPS) in ALL color variations. This is typically a few dozen files. If you have a tagline, we’ll be happy to include versions with the tagline incorporated.
  • Stationery print files in high-res PDF format. (Printing fees not included.)
  • A slide template file with sample slides, if requested.
  • A digital letterhead will be provided for electronic correspondences.

Take ownership of your brand with an identity
that stands the test of time.

concepts and notations on paper scattered.

Brand Identity:
A demanding task, but one worth undertaking

If you think developing a brand identity is simply a matter of assembling the right pictures and words, think again.

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