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Do you have an outstanding business with an identity that doesn’t stand out?

Are you in an exciting start-up struggling to excite others?

Does your great track record still not help you gain traction?

Perhaps there’s a disconnect between your brand image and your brand identity.


This is how Investopedia defines “Brand Identity”:

Brand identity is different than brand image, which is what consumers actually think. It is constructed by the business itself. A negative gap between brand identity and brand image means a company is out of touch with market sentiment, which will make selling its products more difficult. The brand image held by consumers can reach a point at which a business or product has to rebrand itself or risk not bringing in sales.

Perception really is everything. And you need to show your audience that you have your act together. If you offer a cool product, you better have a cool web site. If you’re offering services to a unique audience, make sure you’re presenting your business in a way that demonstrates its own uniqueness.

The way you package your business is vital. Ultimately, delivering the goods is what it’s all about. But, you’ll get no chance to deliver without first connecting with your prospects in a way that identifies with them, demonstrates your relevance and communicates why they need what you have to offer.

While you certainly need to look like you belong, it’s also important to distinguish your business without looking like a market outlier. There’s a fine balance to be struck.

If you’re running an up-and-coming start-up, you might get away with a look of untamed youth for a while. But, just like those leaving college for the real world, there comes a time to get serious. And looking serious goes a long way toward establishing credibility and communicating your sense of purpose to investors, advocates and recruits.

Put your best face forward in a way that reflects who you are, what makes you great and why it matters. That requires a memorable identity, eye-catching graphic design and a compelling message.

The good news is that this is 100% within your own control.

If there’s any doubt about how you stack up or how to connect, contact us. We’ll take a look at what you’re currently doing, drop you a line and set up some time to talk, which is something we love to do. No hassles.

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