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Branding Case Study: Affinity by Design

A local entrepreneur declares her independence and enters a highly competitive market.

The Client

Upscale fashion jewelry designer.

Business Type

Jewelry handcrafted in the U.S. and featuring the finest Austrian Crystals.


I Want to Make You Sparkle!

Beautiful Swarovski crystals combined with hand-crafted tradition make a truly stunning presentation that is sure to make you light up a room when you enter, and leave a lasting impression after you’ve departed. Featuring original designs handmade by American artisans, we also offer custom and wedding jewelry, unique fundraising opportunities and elegant ways to show your local pride wearing team & school colors.

The Brand Strategy

Brand Promise

Beautiful hand-crafted jewelry made with Swarovski Elements by US artisans specially trained in the vintage art of crystal setting. Old-World quality and sparkle with new innovative looks and designs.


Create branding and identity that positions the business as a viable player in a strong market while reflecting the founder’s “sparkling” personality.


Highlight original designs, high-quality materials and hand-made in the USA. Localize offerings to include fundraising opportunities for schools and organizations.


Emphasize founder’s family history of jewelry making and great reputation for service excellence.
The Solution

Name – Affinity by Design Crystal Jewelry

Communicates affection, originality and high quality

Tagline – Bring Out the Sparkle in You!

Personalizes product attributes and embodies founder’s personality

Logo and Identity

Simple, yet elegant. Shimmering and bright.

Promotional Materials

Advertising, post cards, event displays, web and social media graphics.

The Work
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