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Branding Case Study: The Pillar Group

Consultants offering core professional services to small businesses and organizations.

The Client

Pittsburgh Area Business Consortium

Business Type

A local consultant group allying their complementary skills to provide core discipline support for businesses

The Challenge

Business growth and evolving market dynamics can create functional gaps within any organization.

Help introduce group to Pittsburgh business market by creating a brand and identity that depicts the core discipline support they offer to businesses. Work and brainstorm with group members to create a mission statement and brand messaging, strategize on a new website and promote events.

The Brand Strategy

Brand Promise

We strive to fill functional gaps by offering a quality portfolio of strategic and operational services that brings agility and efficiency to businesses, thereby, enabling them to sharpen their competitive advantages.


Develop an organization name, tagline and logo that represents the core discipline services and strength of its members.


The team pools their collective experience to bring unique insight into common concerns and obstacles faced by small and medium-sized businesses.


Proven experts in their respective fields, each with the goal of providing reliable services to local enterprises with integrity, consistency and to the highest shared principles.
The Solution

Name – The Pillar Group

  • Members are the “pillars” that support businesses
  • Each core discipline is a pillar of equal strength
  • Name evokes strength, steadiness and reliability

Tagline – Our Expertise. Your Edge.

Prioritizes strategy and tactics of design and development

Logo and Identity

Fresh, simple and strong.

Website & Promotions

Brand messaging, new website, event promotion and advertisements.

The Work
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