Branding Case Study: TeleTherapy Direct

Start-up ushering in a new era of delivering quality and affordable physical therapy that fits both patient and provider lifestyles.

The client

Eric & Jennifer O’Brien – Physical Therapists

Business type

A provider network offering Internet-based physical therapy consultations using video conferencing technology.


We’re building a network of qualified physical therapists around the nation to help deliver affordable, convenient, and effective video consultations that fit their patients’ lifestyles.

We’re removing the burden of office visits for both patients and providers through high-quality, real-time video consultations over any type of device, whether a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Physical therapy patients can now receive effective, affordable treatment at their convenience; and physical therapists can be geographically remote while still providing the quality of services their patients deserve.

The brand strategy

Brand promise

Instead of traveling to your physical therapist’s office, they’ll come to you through your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Simply log into our network and you can schedule an appointment within 24 hours.


Create a business name, tagline, and logo that communicate convenience, ease-of-use, and quality of service.


A new way of providing physical therapy treatment through the use of fast-growing telemedicine technology. Unlike traditional office visits, this service allows the patient to receive physical therapy at a time and place that is convenient for them, while bringing freedom and flexibility to providers’ practices.


Leverage more than four decades of experience helping others to get the most out of their bodies, restore their function when problems occur, and remain healthy and productive in their lives.

The Solution


Name – TeleTherapy Direct

A new approach to service delivery enabled a simple and effective name.

Tagline – Therapy When & Where You Need It.

Clearly emphasizes user benefit.

Logo and identity

Clean and contemporary while communicating ease-of-use.

Messaging and website

Convey convenience and confidence for both the patient and physical therapist through a mobile-friendly website that engages and informs. Provide a blogging platform for the owners to offer tips and advice so patients can better understand how physical therapy can benefit them.

TeleTherapy Direct montage of branding samples


Here’s what the client has to say:

Telemedicine is a new and growing area in healthcare. When we started our new venture, we knew that we needed to have a name, identity and internet presence that would allow our patients to know that we were their right choice for their physical therapy needs. For us, digital marketing was an important part of our business plan and Step2 Branding & Design was our solution. Their team was able to take our vision and create a digital experience that expresses our aspirations and values. I believe that by having Step2 on our team gives us that competitive edge.


Owner, TeleTherapy Direct

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