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Branding Case Study: RecoverMyCredit.com

New entry in the credit repair market in need of distinguishing their business.

The Client

Principle & Interest Solutions, LLC

Business Type

Credit Repair and Recovery Services

The Challenge

Overcome or preempt public perception by distinguishing P&I Solutions as something different.

With bad apples hurting the rest of the industry, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays a huge role in creating public wariness of the entire market. Identify ways to circumvent the FTC-induced caution by positioning P&I Solutions as a new and empathetic resource for credit repair. Provide a platform onto which branding, identity and promotions can be built.

The Brand Strategy

Brand Promise

We help clients create a solid “foundation” prior to performing repair services. We teach them to lose bad habits and adopt new ones to retain their good standing after repair.


Develop a service name, tagline and logo that exemplifies the freedom that one gains from an improved credit rating.


Educate consumers and actually refer them to the FTC website to maintain transparency. Offer pre- and post-repair services with a 100% guarantee. Operate counter to the industry by offering a 30-45 day solution with no recurring fees.


Leverage distinctive strengths and the unique experience. Rely on empathy of being a former credit risk who changed their own habits. Back up successes with third-party testimonials.
The Solution

Name – RecoverMyCredit.com

Fresh, new, clear and concise. Promotes website URL recall.

Tagline – Reclaim Your Financial Freedom.

“Get back your good credit and keep it!”

Logo and Identity

Bright and positive. Symbolizes the freedom one gains.

Messaging and Website

“Repair” means “fixing, patching or replacing,” and is an incomplete service that may need to be performed again. “Recover” means, “to find something again, balance or restore.” We’ll help you reclaim your financial freedom by teaching you how to change your habits, improve your credit and avoid future setbacks.

The Work
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