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A great logo design is more than something that’s pleasing to the eye.

Your Logo Is a Snapshot of Your Brand.

The logo design and corporate identity lay the visual foundation of a brand.

An effective logo design symbolizes and enhances the fundamentals of the business or product without getting in the way. It embodies the value proposition and distinguishes the business from their competitors. And it connects emotionally with their target audience.

A great logo is also uncomplicated, flexible and stays fresh, while leaving a lasting impression that’s easily recognizable.

From the logo, we derive the corporate identity, color palette, stationery, presentation formats, style sheets … everything that’s public-facing. And, with simple usage guidelines, we can help prevent the identity from becoming diluted by misuse.

A professional logo design will make you stand out and look like you belong.

Included in our Logo Design and Identity Package

A logo design is typically very personal to a business owner. It has to be just right.

We’ve created our Logo Design and Identity Package to be both comprehensive and affordable. We usually invest more hours into the package than we’re budgeted for. However, we will not exceed our quoted fee unless the project scope changes. If the scope of work changes, the project will be paused and re-estimated for approval before proceeding. No surprises.

Why don’t we publish our pricing? Because we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Every client is different and it’s only fair to provide estimates based on their specific needs. If your business is early-stage or you’re running a start-up or non-profit, contact us for discounted rates. It’s our small way of giving back.

Logo Design - Identity Package


We begin with three initial design concepts. The design stage will not stop until the logo is “just right” for the client. Sometimes, we hit it out of the park in Round 1. But it may take more. We never compromise this vital stage. There’s no “take it or leave it.” All designs are 100% original.


Once a logo design is selected, we’ll do additional refinements and color explorations, if needed. The eventual final design will be developed in full-color, limited-color (if applicable), solid black (or grayscale) and reverse (for dark backgrounds).


A full color palette will be provided in four formulas:

  • CMYK: for four-color process printing
  • Pantone (PMS): for limited-color printing
  • RGB and HEX: for digital and online


Once the final logo design and color palette are complete, we’ll create designs for letterhead (print and digital), business cards (for up to four people), envelopes (any sizes needed), mailing labels, etc. A PowerPoint Template will also be developed, if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: The Brand Identity Package includes stationery designs and final “print-ready” art ONLY and does not include printing fees. We’re happy to help coordinate any printing needed.


Art files of all logos and stationery will be the final deliverable.

  • Final logo files will be provided in multiple formats for digital (JPG and PNG) and print (EPS) in ALL color variations. This is typically a few dozen files. If you have a tagline, we’ll be happy to include versions with the tagline incorporated.
  • Stationery print files will be ready for any printer to use.
  • A PowerPoint Template (.pot) file with sample slides are provided.
  • A digital letterhead will be provided in MS Word format to be used for electronic correspondences.

Take ownership of your brand with an identity that stands the test of time. Together, we can get you the perfect logo to make your mark.

What Some of Our Logo Design Clients Are Saying:

After Foundation of HOPE expressed interest in creating a new brand image and accompanying promotional materials, Step2 Branding & Design worked closely with the HOPE staff to design an eye-catching logo that effectively represents HOPE. Step2 then designed a clean, inviting, easy-to-navigate website, as well as several brochures and business cards for our organization. We continue to work with Step2 to update our website. The Step2 staff never fails to be accommodating, professional and happy to help us with our various requests. It’s a pleasure working with them and it’s reassuring to know that we can consistently rely on Step2 Branding & Design.


Former Executive Director, Foundation of HOPE

I had just decided that I wanted to venture out on my own as a personal trainer and needed to get my name and brand out in time for the holidays. Ron took the vague ideas I had about the symbols and colors I wanted to use and crystallized them into my logo and brand. His work was exactly the jump-start I needed to get going, but the thing I appreciated most about working with Ron was his honesty and willingness to tell me what would and would not work and providing me with the occasional, much-needed reality check.


Owner, Scythian Strength & Fitness

On behalf of David’s House Ministries, we are very satisfied with the logo and stationery design. Step2 is easy to communicate with and very creative. If you want creative, out-of-the-box thinking, I would highly recommend Step2 for your branding needs.


Board Member, David’s House Ministries

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