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Your Website Is Who You Are.

If you’ve taken a long time to build a first-rate reputation, don’t let a second-rate website undo it.

Your website is the face of your business. It’s often your first and best opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors, tell your story and make your case. Oh, and it needs to look great, too.

Step2 Branding & Design can do more than just build you a new website. We can help you use it to showcase what makes you great through an experience that connects with your audience, informs them and positions you as the expert.

Why are we using WordPress? Well, the same reason why more than 25% of all websites worldwide are powered by it. It’s affordable, flexible, easy to manage and SEO-friendly.

Every great business deserves a well-designed, mobile-friendly website that does more than just sit there.

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Getting that website off of your to-do list is always a big relief. But, that’s only half of the game. You now need to get more creative and take further steps to distinguish yourself, communicate your brand promise and create a good user experience. The bar is still there, but it’s a bit higher.

Sign up for a free website review to help identify areas in need of improvement or other considerations. It costs nothing but a little bit of your time. We’ll even do it over the phone. And, we’ll likely offer some actionable steps that you can take on your own right away.

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A More Perfect Career

As a certified business coach, Greg Emslie brings a broad skill set, proven strategies and tools to help his clients define and achieve their goals. Greg applies many of the same methodologies to his Career Coaching Program to help displaced or dissatisfied professionals develop a clear, concise plan to determine their perfect career move. Visit the A More Perfect Career website, or read the A More Perfect Career Branding Case Study.

The Law Office of Scott Lane

The Law Office of Scott A. Lane represents victims of securities fraud or those who have been given unsuitable investment strategies from their broker. Scott brings decades of experience as a stock fraud lawyer working on both sides of conflicts to help protect the rights of his clients, resolve their cases and recoup their losses. Visit the Scott Lane Law website.

Gus Gear

Gus Gear makes securement devices and covers for medical implements like central lines, ostomy pouches and feeding tubes. The company is focused on patient safety and quality of life for those with medical challenges by allowing patients to their lives to the fullest. This was a total redesign of an existing site. Visit the Gus Gear website.

Crescendo Cleaning

Crescendo Cleaning provides general commercial cleaning services with an unwavering attention to even the smallest details, bringing to every job a level of service their customers have come to expect. If it’s not done just right, it’s wrong. Complete branding, web design, development, messaging. Read the Crescendo Branding Case Study or visit the Crescendo Cleaning Website.

AACE Pittsburgh Website Design

AACEI Pittsburgh Chapter

The Pittsburgh Section of AACE International is part of the leading-edge professional society for cost estimators, cost engineers, schedulers, project managers and project control specialists. Their members work in a variety of disciplines and across all industries. Visit the AACE Pittsburgh Website.

Elora’s H.O.P.E. Fund

The Elora’s H.O.P.E. Fund supports blood cancer research, provides scholarship funds for local students majoring in Special Education and offers grants to cover non-medical needs of cancer patients and their families. Identity, web design, top-level messaging, development. Visit the Elora’s H.O.P.E. website.

Landro Play Analyzer

Landro® allows you to study important video recording segments in treatment and practice clinics. Speech, psychology, counseling and surgical analysis, student teaching and more use Landro to get students smarter, faster reviewing digital video recordings of sessions. Visit the Landro website.

Foundation of HOPE

The Foundation of HOPE is an interfaith non-profit with the mission to “Empower incarcerated and released individuals to restore their relationship with their God, rebuild their lives, and reconcile to their communities.” Logo & identity, web design, top-level messaging, development. Visit the Foundation of HOPE website.

The Chimbote Foundation

The Chimbote Foundation was created to provide a bridge of love, hope, faith and financial support to care for the poorest of the poor in Chimbote, Peru, through the Center for Social Works – a maternity hospital, outpatient clinic, clinical laboratory, pharmacy and home for abandoned and neglected children – serving hundreds of thousands since the mid-1960s. Visit the Chimbote Foundation Website.

CNT Motion Systems

CNT Motion Systems has been serving the CNC industry since 1990, bringing affordable automation to fabricators and manufacturers, helping them streamline their production and grow their businesses. Identity, web design, all messaging, development. Visit the CNT Motion Systems website.

TRU Crafstmanship

TRU Craftsmanship brings an engineer’s head and a designer’s eye to every project, taking the entire setting into consideration to come up with a creative and practical solution to each challenge. Complete rebranding, identity, web design, all messaging, development. Visit the TRU Craftsmanship website or read the TRU Craftsmanship Branding Case Study for more info.

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