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Most companies don’t have the luxury of offering proprietary products or services. For those looking to break into or grow within a competitive arena, aggressive communications are critical to good market penetration.

Well-targeted, concise, consistent and frequent outreach can go a long way toward driving your message. You cannot afford to dabble in it. Success requires a balanced and harmonious mix of promotions, industry relations and salesmanship.

And a sense of urgency that never wanes.

Remember, your competition will always try to be more aggressive than you are. So, instead of just looking to create a “buzz,” you should be controlling the dialogue. You can drive the market. Or you can let the market drive you.

And don’t let yourself become victimized by what temporary success can often bring:

(It’s tantamount to giving aid and comfort to the enemy.)

Yes, emulating your competition projects a sense that you belong. But, ultimately, your offering will only succeed if you can effectively distinguish it from the other guys. And keep doing so.

Finally, bringing a product to market is no less important than its development. Therefore, it should be woven into the initial budget. The cost of communications should never be viewed solely as an expense. It’s an investment. And, if executed well, one that can certainly gain interest.

Whether you succeed or not, at the end of the day, you have to be able to step back and say to yourself, “I took my best shot.”

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