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A common mistake made by many businesses is thinking that their expertise will sell itself. All they have to do is talk about their qualifications and business will follow. While you may be truly great at what you do, it’s important that your audience comes first in your messaging.

Any time you reach out to prospects, you first need to identify with them. Assure them that you know who they are, what they face and how they define success. Empathy is a great tool. Show that you understand their challenges by talking about them. Until you get them to think, “Hey, they know me!” you’ll have difficulty not sounding self-serving.

Now that you’ve connected with them, then convey the benefits of what you offer and how it will help them overcome their challenges. Then, back it all up with third-party testimonials. Establishing your credibility is a task best done by others (customers, press coverage, colleagues, etc).

Last, but not least, it’s time to tout your experience, distinguish yourself from your competition and demonstrate why you’re worthy of your audience’s consideration. Your qualifications should be communicated concisely and selectively. But, don’t go overboard. While a little swagger shows confidence, arrogance sows the seeds of its own undoing. So, be sure to strike the right balance … and do so with a measure of humility.

Sure, “all about you” is important. And you may be one of the best there is. But, when you promote your business, you’ll be better served if you save the best (you) for last.

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