Every year, the hoopla begins over Super Bowl advertising. The big money being paid for the slots … who’s going to push the envelope … which will be the most memorable … and on and on.

Yes, watching the ads is great fun. Especially to us in the industry. And some of them do set new creative trends. But, what’s the real purpose? Is it to outdo the others? To get the industry awards? The most post-game buzz?

Sometimes, we’re really not so sure.

Have we lost the purpose of advertising during this annual showcase? Isn’t it about selling?

Don’t get me wrong. We’d absolutely LOVE to be on the creative side of this work. And many of them deserve kudos for being right on the mark. But, it seems to us that, in too many cases, the strategic side takes a back seat to the creative side, with form-over-function being the result. And, while many businesses don’t go over the top in their ads, they sometimes get lost in the mix by not striking the right balance.

All the money. All the exposure. All the effort. It’s unfortunate that, in many cases, they fall short in their effectiveness.

And, let’s face it, some of those ads are pretty forgettable. (How can we get one of those accounts?)

Next year, let’s hope for a lower-sodium diet. But, we think we know better.

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