You seem to be great at what you do. You have a terrific product. Your media coverage has been impressive. You’ve been serving the industry for decades.

But, what does it mean to your customers? What’s in it for me?


Yes, all those points about your business are important. And, they’re certainly worth sharing. But, they each have a time and place. That time is not at the beginning of our conversation. That place is not at the top of your home page.

What I care about is how you solve my problem. Do you even know my problem? Do you know me?

You see, I can’t answer any of those questions if I’m reading only about you.

Keep in mind that I’m here because I’m needy. I need to feel an emotional — maybe even empathetic — connection in your message. I need to know that you understand me, my pain points and what keeps me up at night. And I need to believe that you can make my life easier.

I’m not getting it from, “We do this” and “We do that.”

Sure, we’ll eventually get around to you. But, we’ll never get there without first talking about me. So, for now, it’s all about me.

If your product does XYZ, why should it matter to me? What will I gain from it? What are my long-term benefits that transcend what you’re selling?

How should I view you differently than I view your competitors? If you’re offering widgets I can get just about anywhere, what do you bring to the table that adds extra value? (Here’s a tip: It’s not always about the price.) I might be willing to pay more for that little extra peace of mind. In fact, I might even pay a premium.

But, there’s more to it than that. Your marketing should engage me and make me want to learn more. If I find I’m learning from you, instead of just about you, my comfort level goes way up. And, I’m much more inclined to jump into your sales funnel.

I’d also like to hear your voice, not just read your words. Instead of dry product or service descriptions, how about some personality in your marketing? If you’re excited about what you do, I should feel it coming through in your message and graphics. I could use some excitement. Remember, I’m looking for help. Let’s have a real conversation.

Oh, and those contact forms? Way too long.

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