Francis Bacon once wrote, “A Prudent Question is One-half of Wisdom.”

Knowledge comes from inquisitiveness and the willingness to accept your own lack of it. We don’t pretend to know everything. So, excuse us while we throw a few inquiries your way. After all, we need to know who you are, what you do, why you do it better than the others and where you’d like to take your brand. We want to know what makes you great.

Otherwise, we can’t help get you there.

There have been many occasions when we’ve had to communicate the merits of a product that was technically over our head. While a certain amount of technical ignorance helps us bridge the communications gap between the technology and the less-savvy audience, we still need enough of a grasp to convince those more educated that we’re not talking out of our … uh … well, you know.

With our own awareness building comes the task of bringing it to the audience. More questions. What are the demographics? What are their primary and secondary concerns? Which emotional buttons need to be pushed? If we don’t know these answers, we’ll miss them altogether.

Persuasion is an art. And art can be very persuasive. Whether cleverly crafted words with simplified imagery, or visual extravagance of form and straightforward declaration, we need to ensure that we’re targeting the audience with the appropriate mix.

So, be prepared to get grilled when we discuss your objectives. And make sure you ask yourself the right questions beforehand.

Because introspection is where it all begins.

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