I met with a colleague of a colleague who recently launched a branding company, thinking we might be able to strike up a working relationship.

While I was presenting our work, he put forth the following suggestion:

“Have you ever considered outsourcing design work to Russia or China? You can get those guys for about five bucks an hour.”

I respectfully informed him that delivering effective creative communications is not just about cool pictures and clever headlines. A strategic relationship is vital to the success of any creative effort. And understanding the client, their product or service, their audience, their industry and their competition is paramount.

Beyond that, reflecting the attitude, personality and style of the client in the creative is not only entirely appropriate, it brings to them real ownership of the campaign.

That requires a relationship of proximity.

To segregate the creative professional from the client is not only misguided, it productizes what we do.

The road to success is best taken in tandem.

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