More than once, I was part of one. I recall a local printer who was using another printer’s work to promote their own business. How did I know? I designed it! They simply trimmed the name of the original printer off the bottom and started handing them out as their own.


Some people will do anything to gain your business. Instead of focusing on their strengths (“Tastes great!”), they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear (“Looks great, and is good for you, too!”). And then worry about delivering the goods only after winning your business.

Sure, when you go to the local fast food joint, you know that what you see on the menu isn’t really what you’re getting. Perhaps, we’ve become accustomed to being misled to the point where it’s no longer misleading.

No thanks!

Shouldn’t we hold ourselves to a higher standard?

Remember, you can’t be all things to all people. Focus on what you do best and surround yourself with trusted experts to fill the gaps.

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