Your audience doesn’t always see things the way you do. If you’re lucky, they acted upon your outbound promotions once out of 20 times.

Yes, that’s right. If you can get a 5% response rate from your direct communications, you’re doing quite well.

Think about those numbers the next time you begin tiring of saying the same things … in the same way … to the same people. Consistency, frequency and, of course, clarity are each critical to having your value statement penetrate the marketplace and gain traction. And, without traction, you cannot build momentum.

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be looking for ways to improve your messaging and keep things fresh. Market dynamics, your competitors’ practices, internal change and other environmental factors should all be considered as you modify your outbound efforts. But a consistent foundation of identity, style and tone are vital to providing a suitable “umbrella” over your company, product or service.

Change for the sake of change? Think twice before you act. Otherwise, you’ll risk turning your business into a moving target.

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