We all have one big thing in common. This is 100% true. Every one of us possesses the same important characteristic. Some of us know they have it, but don’t realize they share it with everyone else. Others don’t even know they have it, but it’s definitely there. And, some have been told they have it, but aren’t quite convinced.

So, what is this one thing everyone shares without even realizing it?

It’s our greatness. Each and every one of us is exceptional at something.

We were born with greatness. And, if we’re smart about it, and a little lucky, we’ve discovered how to use it in a positive way and to our advantage.

What You Should Really Be Selling.

The next time someone asks you what you do for a living, instead of talking about your product or service, think about what makes you great at what you do. It’s likely not anything tangible that you’re selling. It’s something more than that. Perhaps it comes from your service and support. Or the relationship of trust and confidence that you build with your customers. Or something else. But, it is certainly there, if you just look a bit deeper.

You see, even if you’re selling widgets, there’s something more that you offer that distinguishes your business in a positive way. It’s what your customers truly gain from you that they can’t get from anyone else. It’s this frame of mind that defines your business more than anything. This is your brand promise. And it’s something only you can own. Nobody can take it away from you. And, that’s what you should be selling.

Never Lose Sight of What Makes You Exceptional and Why It Matters to Your Audience.

The first step of any successful branding effort is one of introspection and discovery. Uncovering what makes you or your business great is where you begin to define your brand promise. If you can’t quite figure it out on your own, maybe you’re too close to it. It often takes the objectivity of an outside consultant to “poke a hole in the bubble” and challenge your thinking. They can help you see your business the way others do and how it stacks up against your competitors. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

We’d love to help you sort it all out. Let’s talk some time.

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